Our Leaders

Debajyoti Ghosh

Debajyoti GhoshDebajyoti Ghosh staged an act of sheer bravado after completing his formal education. Bengali theatre beckoned him. And he responded to the muse. He displayed remarkable agility to grab the opportunity to showcase his repertoire of talent. He burst on the theatre scene in 1994 with dual responsibilities. As an actor essaying difficult roles with élan – and adding his vision to direct plays. His creative strengths scaled new peaks of success in just five years. His meteoric rise scripted a new high. 1999 was the year of a turnaround as he took a creative leap in a different direction. He was roped in as a leading Radio Jockey of Radio Snap by RPG Netcom, an RPG Group venture and he later became the Programming Head for the station till 2004. Enriched with wide experience in this domain, he launched his own studio and production unit that has clocked stupendous success in recent years. A creative spirit knows no bounds and he ventured forth with another creative flight. Writing and directing TV commercials and corporate films proved to be his forte. In the last two years, he has directed prestigious projects – TVCs and Corporate films for esteemed clients like ITC, Linc Pens, Darshan Agarbatti, Shalimar, Sunrise Spices, Baidyanath, Skipper and Utkarsh and a roster of other regional clients. He brings a fresh perspective to the narrative with his magical words and helps create a unique brand identity. As the brands handled by Ghosh achieve better commercial traction in the market, his voice resonates in the world of advertising to create a resounding impact.


Suvransu Mitra

Suvransu MitraThe freedom to choose was a wonderful gift Mitra received from his family early in his childhood days. It shaped his adventurism during the formative years. Conventional rules and regulations were challenged. He pushed the limits to pursue new, exciting ideas of growth and excellence. As the architect of his own destiny, he began his career with a distinct edge. At the tender age of eleven, his tryst with the entertainment industry began. He did a voice for a project directed by Paul Saltzman and Deepa Mehta on the life of a Rajasthani boy. Buoyed by its success, he toyed with the idea of making movies. A maverick who knows the art of selling a great idea and making it successful across various platforms, the initial phase of his career gave him solid marketing lessons to last a lifetime. The marketing insights required to make movies sharpened his focus. His foray in the media industry created a new benchmark in the last two decades. The passion for the visual medium energies stalwarts who locate value in commitment, dedication, punctuality, loyalty, and diligence to create magic on the Screen. Having worked in different parts of the country, he amalgamates the diverse experiences to create a smorgasbord of sublime stories that hold tremendous appeal for admirers of good cinema. Spearheading a team of passionate professionals who breathe life in cinema, he is always exploring more opportunities to redefine the best.