About Post Production

Since 1994, Post Production has come a long way and has been one of the best studios in Kolkata, and Eastern India, offering an array of Digital Video Production services.

Post Production is widely acclaimed for its content, production experience and unique treatment of subject matter and is in the process of giving final touches to its international foray, expanding its scope of activities to include feature films and events, driven by in-house developed concepts and stellar techniques.

We preach. And practice too!

We swear by sincerity, honesty and hard work.
We are totally proud of our creative team that is backed with more than a decade’s experience and will happily guide you to conceive the best possible communication for your brand. For the execution bit, we are fully equipped with a dedicated directorial team and a steady in house technical support system comprising of editors, sound engineers, graphic designers and animators to take care of the post production process.

We are PROUD of...

  • Both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) state of the art camera
    set up and on field sound recording setup
  • 5 HD compatible MAC based Final Cut Pro edit suites for both offline and online cuts
    in Kolkata and Delhi
  • Dedicated colour correction/grading suite with professional projection facilities
  • 2 professional sound studio setups equipped with both Nuendo and Pro Tools
  • Blu-Ray Disc mastering & 5.1 DVD authoring
  • A CG suite (computer generated graphics), capable of delivering both 2D/3D
    modelling and multiple layer compositing jobs